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                 Credit Application To Be A Guest At Pau Hana Ranch

Full Name:_______________________________________________________________
Date of Birth:___________________________
SSN: ____________________________________________
Driver's License No.:___________________________
Vehicle Model:________________________
Phone No.: (______) ___________________


Present Address:______________________________________ 

Rent Payment: ______________________
How Long:__________________________________                                                                                                                                                          
Reason For Moving: ___________________________________________________
Number Of Occupants: ___________                                                                                                                                                                         
If less then 2 years:       

Prior Address: ___________________________________________________
How Long: ___________
Rent Payment: _______________________
Reason For Moving: ___________________________________________________
Number Of Occupants: ___________

Present Employer: __________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Position: __________________________ How Long: _______________
Supervisor: ________________________
Business Phone: (____)____________
Annual Income: _________________ Other Income __________ Source _____________

I Represent That The Information Provided In This Application Is True And Correct
To The Best Of My Knowledge. I Hereby Authorize Pau Hana Ranch Company
Or Its Agents To Verify All Information Given Including The Applicants Credit References And Credit History
In Connection With The Processing Of This Rental Application…
The Total First Month’s Rent Plus A Security Deposit Shall Be Paid In Full Prior To Move In.


Applicant's Signature                                                        Date